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    • 【高中英語作文】《Some suggestions about English》_600字

      Dear Wang Pin, I am sorry to hear you that are not good at English at the moment. As your best friend,I should give some suggestions to you. First,you should read books. I think English books are閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《A Healthy Lifestyle for High School Students》_869字

      A Healthy Lifestyle for High School Students As has been found in many high schools,many students have terrible habits in their daily lives.I think these bad habits have some influences of our stud閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Know our parents》_3000字

      I have six questions to ask everyone as a student. Do you understand? Do you know your parents'conscience? Do you understand? Do you understand the hard work of your parents? Do you understand?閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Film or book, which do you prefer?》_700字

      Some of us think that it is better to see the film than to read the book in the original. The reason is that it takes less time to understand the whole story. Besides So, the film is usually more in閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《A good habit-sports》_500字

      Sports make me strong and confident. Everybody men or women, young or old should have a good habit of cloning sports. So should I ,and so I do. I get up at half past six in the morning every clay閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《The Sincerity》_3000字

      "If a man does not believe, he does not know what he is doing." This ancient saying comes from the Analects of Confucius, which deeply describes the meaning of honesty. In today's society, honesty閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Cherish》_3000字

      Cherish(珍惜) 角色安排: 母親(Carina) 女兒(Daisy) 女兒(Becky) 女兒的朋友(Rachel) 朋友的媽媽(Agnes) 朋友的爸爸 男孩(Jody) 男孩(Oliver) 男孩的爸爸 女孩(Lucy) 2個房客 旁白 SCREEN 1(Lucy吃飯) 旁白:There is a hotel on the island. It’sbeautiful an閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Let》_881字

      ar Allen, I’m Li Hua.How are youthese days?I’m writing to invite you to participate our Music Festival.Thedetailed information is as follows. Aimed at enriching ourschool life,our school hold a Mu閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Let》_750字

      Dear Students: I’m Li Hua,chairman ofStudents Unior.Because of the application of our school.I will give you somesuggestions. First of all,theenvironment is important for us,so it is our duty to p閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《How to improve English writing skills》_700字

      Today Mr.Wang,our English teacher,told us how to improve English writing skills.The ability to write in English is becoming increasingly important in English communications as well as in the examina閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《The new plan》_600字

      After a winter holiday,the new term iscoming.Everyone takes on a new look. As we all know,English is very important forus to learn.So I work out my plan as follows: To begin with,I am supposed to t閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《My Teacher》_1200字

      Miss zhang is my Chinese teacher. She is tall, neither fat nor thin.She has a pair of kind eyes on her face. Usually speak to us always softly,when we do not understand the problem, she is always ve閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《My Teacher》_1500字

      I transferred to Qingdao from longkou experimental primary school.Although I read only one and a half years in longkou, my Chinese teacher, Mr.Yu, left a deep impression on me. Mr Yu is a good teac閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《My Teacher》_1200字

      Growing up, we will meet a lot of teachers in our life, theseteachers have their own characteristics, some gentle, some serious, somehumorous... My favorite teacher is our Chinese teacher xu, from閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《My Teacher》_1500字

      My Chinese teacher surnamed wang, he is medium height, middle hair alittle bald, we call teacher wang "very smart". Mr. Wang is very knowledgeable. Each of the previous texts will giveus a lot of r閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《楊蘭》_400字

      Born in Beijing, Yang Lan was graduated from Beingjing Foreign Studies University, she have Master's Degree from Columbia's University. She have a show is Yang Lan One on One. In 2001, Yang Lan a閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《The Visit To The Moon》_400字

      If I had the chance to visit the moon. I might be very excited. In the meanwhile,I might have some problems. The first one is how to breathe.To solve this problem,I would take oxyen tanks. The seao閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《快餐》_600字

      As we all know , fast foodis becoming more and more popular in Chian,childrens and teenagers to eat fast food very much. There are many reasons for its popularity . Firstly, fast food is very conre閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《May you be kind to the world(愿你被世界善待)》_2000字

      May you be kind to the world You will never know how strong you are, until you besides strong have no choice. Road, only one step a footprint of walk by themselves, and experience, can only rely on閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《人的一生》_1500字

      Person's life If what is the most important of my life, you must first think of is life, life is precious. But after the life the most complex and the most important is the person's mood state of閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Four Seasons》_875字

      Thereare four seasons : spring, summer, autumn and winter. The weather of one seasonis different from that of any other. Inspring, everything begins to grow up. The flowers grow up. The trees grow閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《How do I think of AI》_853字

      As we know, AI is common soon. Thereare different opinions among people as to AI.Some people suggest that AI will change theworld and makes the world better. But some people think AI will destroy th閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Comparing Living In TKK With Living In Home》_1000字

      When entering college, we were all away from home. It meant my life circle became wider, my experience became richer, and my abilities became stronger. It is really different to living at home in ma閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Coming to TKK》_900字

      I come from Xiamen City, Fujian Province. After college entrance examinations I chose this college, TKK, because I heard that this is a very beautiful college with high quality equipment, pleasant c閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《中秋節主要活動介紹》_1000字

      一個英文網站面向中學生投稿,請你寫一篇英文稿件,介紹中秋節以及這個節日的主要活動。 寫作要點:1.它是中國傳統節日之一 2.家人團聚 3.賞月、吃月餅 4.還有旅游、訪友等其他活動 The Mid-Autumn Festival Hello,everyone!Today I am gong to introduce one of Chinese traditional festivals閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《應聘校慶支持人》_897字

      假設你是紅星中學高二一班學生李華。你們學校即將舉行建校50周年慶典,屆時將有眾多外國友人參加。因此,校學生會擬招聘英語主持人,請根據以下信息寫一封英文申請信。 性格:熱情開朗,有親和力 能力:發音標準,聲音洪亮,臨場應變能力強 其他:... 注意:1.詞數不少于60 2.開頭和結尾已經給出,不計入總詞數 提示詞:校慶anniversary Dear Sir or Madam,閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《邀請Christopher J.A.Smith來我校演講》_1000字

      假設你是紅星中學的學生會會長李華,你從報紙上得知英國人Christopher J.A.Smith先生騎自行車從英國抵達北京,創下新的世界紀錄。請你用英文給他寫一封郵件,邀請他近期來到你校做一次演講。 內容:1.說明邀請他的原因 2.告知演講相關信息(如時間地點聽眾等) 3.詢問對方能否前來 注意:1.開頭和結尾已經給出,不計入總字數 2.詞數不少于50 Dear Mr.Smith, I閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《給Jacky解釋原因》_550字

      假定你是李華,你與本班英國交換生Jacky約好本周末一起進行語文訓練,但是因故無法進行。請你給他發一封電子郵件作出解釋。 注意:(1)詞數100左右 (2)可以適當添加細節,以使行文連貫 Dear Jacky, I`m so sorry that I can not practice Chinese with you.I am eager to apologize for me stoo閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《DNA檢測科技報道》_900字

      你接受了一項寫作任務,為英語校報寫一篇科技報道。 寫作內容:請根據以下內容,介紹國外醫療行業出現的新技術。 內容包括:技術名稱:DNA檢測 檢測方法:唾液樣本分析 檢測費用:125英鎊 檢測時常:4—6周 檢測用途:(1)預測重大疾病(2)預知食物偏好 (3)提示合適的鍛煉方法 檢測影響:(1)增強健康意識 (2)容易引起過度焦慮 提示詞:唾液樣本:saliva sample閱讀全文

    • 【高中英語作文】《Never Give Up》_900字

      Never Give Up Last week,we had a sport meet.Many admirable students moved us greatly.Li Hua was one of them.When we prepared for the sport meet,Li Hua was eager to be an athlete,so he decided to en閱讀全文